Marketing Your Home for Sale

Here are just some of the marketing systems I utilize to market your home in today’s real estate market.  For a full free detailed market consultation, please contact me at Cell:386-846-6220.




We have asked our past clients why they listed their property with Paulo Pinto.   We thought that you would be interested in their answers

  1. Paulo saved us time on the market by having a large pool of “qualified prospects” ready or our home. This increased our chances of selling for the best possible price.
  2. Paulo and his team saved us time by substantiating the listed price with a competitive market analysis that showed every sale that an appraiser would use to obtain top value. Paul used some “secret sales” that had a proven higher value.
  3. Paulo spared us the hassle. As an experienced Real Estate Agent and negotiator, Paul smoothed the negotiation process and greatly reduced our stress, while acting as a third-party intermediary. All of his team members were aware of our goals.
  4. Pauls’ team showed the buyer’s future property appreciation and equity growth. Paulo demonstrated the tax advantages to the buyers. We ended up with a top dollar sale.
  5. Paulo shared our listing with the world of real estate agents. He had every real estate agent in the world looking at our property. Paul spends a fortune on an internet and search engine strategy that put our property on top..
  6. Paul and his team works for you. Their considerable skills will make you the winner with competing properties and their skill in administration of the sales process will net you more of your equity. When Paul says it is “SOLD” – it is really sold!

If you are considering a sale in the next 24 months, you can contact Paulo Pinto of Exit Beach Realtry directly and privately or get many free services on his site.


Paulo Pinto