Take the Home Test  

Take the Home Test

When you currently own a home and need to sell the current home as well as purchase a new one, the planning of the sale and purchase can be best managed with diligent consideration of the following items:

  1. Realistically pricing your current home based upon the comparable homes that have recently sold in a similar location with similar amenities and upgrades. We are experts in this area!
  2. Do not price your current home based upon what you would like to purchase. The need for money does not increase value.
  1. Consult a mortgage loan officer to understand your financing options based on your net sale proceeds and what you qualify for. You should know your options regarding interim financing and conventional financing.
  1. Understand the current marketplace:
    • What is the average time on the market for homes in the same price range as yours?
    • What is the average time it takes to go from contract to closing?
  1. Use this time as an estimate of the time you will have to find your perfect home. Start looking as soon as you place your current home on the market.  When you find your perfect home, make your offer contingent upon the successful closing of your home (that is under contract, we hope!).  Keep in mind that in a tight market most sellers will be reluctant especially if the home you place an offer on have multiple offers.

Although it might be difficult to imagine purchasing a new home until your current home is under contract and contingencies have been met, you will be in a better position to negotiate with a new seller if your current home is priced correctly.

Team Pinto will keep you up-to-date on the inventory so that you will always know when the perfect home is available.



What the Best Answer?


When I sell my home, I will:

  1. Choose a REALTOR® who knocks on my door.
  2. Choose a REALTOR® with the most documented results and benefits for my needs.

It may sound ridiculous, but more than 50% of all homeowners allow the first REALTOR® they meet to talk them into selling their home.  I know your home is your biggest single investment in life.  When you sell, you want top dollar with the least amount of hassles.  The agent knocking at your door may not be able to offer you an organized system of programs and marketing services to achieve the goal of furthering your financial future.

The next time a real estate agent solicits you for your business, use this easy six-point checklist to “spot check” the programs they should have in place for you.

  1. Does the agent guarantee his service or allow you to cancel the listing contract at any time?
  2. Does the agent have a multifaceted and customized marketing plan for the sale of your home?
  3. Does the agent have a formal method for collecting pre-qualified buyers for your home? Our“Buyers’ Assistance Program” currently has nearly 20 buyers who may already be looking for a home like yours.  Call us today!
  4. Does the agent send out “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” Questionnaires? I will ask your neighbors in a six-block radius to help me find a buyer for your home; I also have a networking plan with 2000 agents in the MLS.  We will find more buyers.
  5. How long has the agent been selling real estate?
  6. Does The agent offer to do a Mega Open House Event rather than the typical open house? Or does your agent say “open houses don’t sell homes”?

Your home may be your largest single investment.  Be sure it is in the hands of the agent who provides more specific programs and special services than any other in the Volusia County area.  Call today at c: 386-846-6220 for a no-obligation, over-the-phone analysis of what your home is worth in today’s market.


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